At a Track Guys program, we’re going to work hard with you to make sure you get your “need for speed” taken care of. But we will NOT do this with any compromises in running a safe event.

Safety of you, your car, your fellow students, and our instructors is paramount. Because this is NOT A RACING EVENT, no “wheel-to-wheel” driving tactics will be tolerated.

As a driver, your safety is ultimately in your hands. Thus, if you are not “playing nicely with others” or following our safety guidelines, you will be asked to “park it” until you agree that “safety IS number one” in running a Track Guys event.

Be SURE to review the safety items in both our “Tech Inspection Form” and our “Rules & Regulations“.

What to wear
During all at-speed, on-track sessions, all drivers and passengers are required to wear the following items:

  • Long-pants (jeans are fine)
  • Long-sleeve shirt (prefer 100% cotton fabrics)
  • Closed-toe canvas or leather shoes (no flip-flops or sandals)
  • SA05 or SA10 rated helmet (NO M-rated helmets allowed – PERIOD)Optional clothing could include:
  • One- or two-piece driving suit (SFI-rated)
  • Driving shoes (SFI-rated)
  • Driving gloves (leather or SFI-rated – avoid “mechanics”-type – too much synthetic content)

If the weather gets too hot, we reserve the right to “wave” the long-sleeve shirt requirement. If we do so, this announcement will be made at the Driver’s Meeting. And remember, we do run “rain or shine, hot or cold”, so please plan your clothing selections accordingly.

Your helmet is an essential piece of safety equipment, but what’s INSIDE it is JUST as important. Safety is more than equipment, it’s an attitude.

Beginning with our first 2013 Track Guys event, we will be REQUIRING helmets with SA00 or SA10 rated helmets. And YES, we do inspect your helmet at the event. Don’t know if your helmet is SA-rated or not? See the graphic below…

One Response to Safety

  1. Mark Yonge says:

    Would like to do the Sebring Event but need to know about the Roll Bar requirement. What defines “Beginner” (needing a roll bar) to Intermediate (not needing a roll bar).

    My car is a 2008 Shelby 500GT Convertible.


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