Track Guys has a wide range of high performance driving programs specifically designed to maximize on-track time for your club, group or organization. All of our programs can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of your group, but we will not compromise our commitment to education and safety.

We are also able to develop and implement a completely custom program created with your driving and motorsports needs in mind. Simply contact Track Guys with your ideas, and we will work with you to customize or develop a program sure to please you, your club, your employees or your customers.

Performance Driving Schools

You already have the hardware (the car), our Track Guys programs are specifically designed to develop the software (YOU, your driving technique, knowledge, etc) to support the system and get maximum enjoyment out of both.

These one- or two-day events are presented at various racetracks and are designed to fit the schedules and learning curves of both the novice and experienced driver. Since all participants drive their own car on track, they experience the true capability of their vehicle when driven appropriately within a wide variety of challenging circumstances.

To make sure that everyone is on the track with drivers of similar experience and skills, we run a four-group format:

Group 1) Beginner
Group 2) Novice
Group 3) Intermediate
Group 4) Advanced / Instructor

At most of our events, the run groups consist of 10 to 25 cars per group – plenty of seat time and track space for everyone.

In order to maximize driver development, the expert Track Guys instructor staff takes pride in their personalized interaction with the participant. This one-on-one teaching method is further enhanced through entertaining, informative classroom sessions featuring a group learning experience.

Each event provides one to two hours of seat time per day and is structured to mix the appropriate time on-track with a balance of classroom time and social interaction with fellow enthusiasts.

Enjoy your car! Take the opportunity to attend one of these safe, exciting, educational programs and enhance your overall driving skills!

How Much Do Track Guys Events Cost?

We pride ourselves on offering a high-value driving school event that everyone can afford. The cost for our two-day performance driving events INCLUDE the classroom sessions and your own in-car instructor – you will NOT have to pay extra as with some “schools” out there.

The cost of our events varies slightly based upon the track where the event is held and the cost to insure the event. That said, events historically have been anywhere from $300 to $500 for our two-day programs and $180 to $270 for a single day registration.

Be advised: many of our events sell out, so once registration is open, you’ll want to register right away to assure yourself of having one of the “driving slots” in the event.

IMPORTANT: Our Track Guys Performance Driving Events are NOT racing events.

Car Control Clinics

For less than the cost of an insurance deductible, you can acquire skills that may well save your life through our intensive one-day program that teaches the fundamentals of car control designed to equip the student with necessary skills to avoid accidents and to react properly in emergency situations. Exercises are designed to provide realistic experiences in a fun, safe, but educational environment.

Students are taught the importance of correct seating positions, steering techniques, mirror adjustments, braking technique, vehicle dynamics, space management with special emphasis on visual skills and awareness.

Accident avoidance exercises are conducted to familiarize the student with current car technologies including anti-lock brakes, traction control, front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and all wheel drive features.

This program can be adapted to the following groups:

  • Teenagers as they learn street survival skills for life
  • Senior adults as they sharpen their skills and knowledge of current automotive technologies
  • SUV drivers to gain confidence in the stability and control of unusual weight distribution, distractions, visual limitations, etc.

Each car control clinic includes 4 hours of classroom time and four hours of in car experiences and a reference manual for home study. The best investment you can make in your family’s future.

Corporate Programs

One- or two-day driving events presented at various racetracks provide corporate groups an exciting, unusual venue for entertainment and/or rewards for clients, vendors, employees and friends.

Whether it is in the classroom, over a catered lunch, or during in-car instruction, the professional corps of Track Guys instructors will concentrate on personalized, VIP treatment of the corporate guest. Our staff is equipped to cater to the needs of each driver whether he/she is a novice or more experienced.

This unique, cost effective form of VIP entertainment builds lasting business relationships and will position your company in front of the competition! Branding of your company can be enhanced through apparel, banners, car and window decals, etc.

Let Track Guys assist you with your pre-event planning, marketing and logistics to help you and your company in creating a memorable day at the track that is safe, exciting and educational!

Young Driver Training

Designed with the “new” driver in mind, Track Guys’ Young Driver program focus on the basics of good driving techniques and habits that will help them become better, safer and more aware drivers.

Auto Dealer Customer Appreciation Experience

Single or multiple day on-track driving schools specially customized to meet the needs of an auto dealers’ “customers appreciation” events. Programs can include brand-specific “Tech Talks”, dynamic new vehicle demonstrations and on-track exercises and in-car instruction all geared toward the first time on-track driver and “customer appreciation” aspects.

One-on-One Driver Training

We will work with you in developing an in-depth, One-on-One driver training program with a very steep learning curve that will allow you to push yourself and your vehicle to new levels of competence, both on the track and on the street.

New Vehicle Introductions

Geared to assist new vehicle manufactures with the introduction of new vehicles, Track Guys will conduct on-track driving exercises, demonstrations specifically tailored to showcase the new vehicle or product, as well as provide “driving coaches” for participants of the event.

Promotional Programs / TV commercials

We will work with you in getting those promotional images or in-car, exterior and car-to-car video footage that is so difficult to obtain. Our instructor pool has video production experience and is ready help you get the video or film footage you need.

3 Responses to Programs

  1. Brian Cuyler says:


    I’m investigating doing a HPDE type event for a group of Nissan Employees and I ran across your website. Initially I thought of just renting a track and having some open run groups, but the more I thought about it, I think something with some instruction for people who have not been on a track before would be best.

    We are located in Nashville, so something within driving distance is a mandatory. Nashville Super Speedway or maybe Barber.

    Please send me information on your corporate events.

    Thank you,
    Brian Cuyler
    Product Planning
    Nissan North America, Inc

  2. Mike Friedmann says:

    What will be the cost of your High Performance Driving School at Sebring on the month of March?
    I would also like to know the total cost for the weekend and is included in it.
    I attended a Skip Barber class last December, driving a MX-5 Miata.
    I have plenty of experience at Sebring, but any race driving class is another experience.
    I need some fine tuning with my Porsche 928.

    Thank you

    Mike Friedmann
    Kissimmee, Florida

  3. stanger58 says:

    Hi Mike,
    Cost for our two-day performance driving school at the 2012 Sebring event is $425. This is total cost for the driving school which includes mandatory driver’s meeting, classroom instruction and your own in-car instructor for both days. We run a four-group format, you you’ll get anywhere from 60 to 80 minutes per day on track.

    Be sure to read some of the articles written about our programs.

    Hope to see you at Sebring!

    Jeff Lacina
    Track Guys

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