Event & Registration Forms

Once you have registered for the event online, you MUST download and complete the three forms listed below and BRING THEM WITH YOU to the event. It would also be a very good idea to read the “rules and regulations” our Track Guys events adhere to.

1) Liability Form
This must be filled out and brought to with you to the event. You may not participate without turning in this form.

2) Medical Information Form
This must be filled out and brought to with you to the event. This information will be kept CONFIDENTIAL and only be used in case of an at-track emergency. You may not participate without turning in this form.

3) Technical Inspection Form
Make SURE your vehicle is ready for a weekend of “turnin’ and learn’ .” This must be filled out and brought with you to the event. You may not participate without turning in this form.

IMPORTANT – Read This…yes, REALLY!

REQUIRED READING – These rules and regulations MUST be adhered to by all participants.
Track Guys’ Rules & Regulations

Useful Information

Novice Track Guide
A track event preparation guide for novices.

Performance Driving Handbook
A performance driving handbook by Jeff Lacina.

Event Checklist
A checklist of items you should remember to bring to track events.

Future Track Guys Instructors

If you are interested in becoming one of our dedicated and hard-working in-car instructors, please download this document, fill it out completely and email it to:
Jeff Lacina
Owner / Lead Instructor
[email protected]

Adobe Reader

You will need Adobe Reader to read and print these files out. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it by clicking on this button:

5 Responses to Event & Registration Forms

  1. Jim Brozynski says:

    Hi Jeff;

    Long time no see. If you need help for the Putman event let me know. I will be finally going back to school to get my Comp. license back this spring. Last raced in 2003. Sold the R in 2006. Been building an ITA car off and on the past 4 years. Got it on track last fall at Gingerman for a short test session. I have to revise the seat mount, install the racing suspension, fire system, and a few misc. items and I’m ready for the school at BFR in April.

  2. stanger58 says:

    Thanks Jim, you’re on my list. Finalizing some of the details… stay tuned!


  3. Hans Heinen says:

    I am wondering about the mustang event at Sebring on memorial day weekend. How do you sign up?

  4. stanger58 says:

    Hi Hans,
    We don’t have registration for the Sebring event open just yet… when we do, you will be able to register online at http://www.trackguys.motorsportreg.com . If you haven’t used motorsportreg.com before, go there now and create a profile for yourself. That way, one registration is open, you’ll be ready!

    Our goal is to have Sebring registration open by early February. Hope you can join us!

    Jeff Lacina
    Track Guys

  5. Todd Thomsen says:

    I am coming to the Sebring Event. Will be glad to help Tech Cars for you. I will arrive Friday about 1:00. I will run Novice…… Can I run Solo…..
    I am 60 have about 30 track days. Also, I ran in the Nevada Open Road Challenge. I took 3rd place in the Half Mile Shootout with a speed of 142. Just do not want to run in the upper groups.

    Regards, Todd

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