Here’s what some of our students and instructors are saying about our Track Guys Performance Driving Events:

This weekend was my first time at the event and I would like to commend everyone responsible for making the event a success. The attention to detail, quality of training, organization and professionalism are second to none. My instructor, Chad, did a great job and made the experience enjoyable. A lot of great info from Jeff during the classes. Never a dull moment throughout the weekend. Keep up the great work and know you can count on our referrals!
Hector Navarro, CFM Performance


If you missed the Kenny Brown Performance Sebring Sensation and Boss Mustang Reunion this past weekend at the Sebring International Raceway, Florida, than you certainly missed out on a great time. Track Guys Performance Driving Events put on an amazing show for us enthusiasts. Also, not only Mustangs were invited, although they seemed to rule over all. However, any make and models were allowed to run and there were no shortage of cars ready to race this 3.7 mile road course.

Jeff Lacina and Dell Hughes [and Jonathan Blevins] of Track Guys put on a great show for their tenth annual Sebring Sensation followed by a Saturday Night banquet full of raffles and giveaways and a lot of laughs during speeches by Kenny Brown, Evan Smith (Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords), and Jeff.

I’m still rockin’ the Track Guys Event sticker on my windshield for now, and can’t wait to sign up for the 11th annual show. Don’t miss it!
Amie Williams
StangTV.com Contributing Writer

Read Amie’s complete write up on StangTV.com here.

“Getting on track couldn’t be easier than with Track Guys Performance Driving Events.

Track Guys, which holds events across the country, offers a spot-on program that gets you on track and up to speed quickly, whether you have little-to-no experience or are fully seasoned. There are four run groups (Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced), so there is a place for everyone. Track Guys also provides trained instructors, a supreme classroom education, and enough seat time to exhaust all but professional drivers. At Sebring, that amassed to over two hours on the circuit!”

Evan Smith
Editor, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords magazine

Read more: http://www.musclemustangfastfords.com/events/mmfp_1110_track_guys_performance_driving_event_track_dawgs_attack/viewall.html#ixzz1nMGDi79s

“For our first event, we teamed up with Track Guys Performance Driving, a group that runs several track days a year under the watchful eye of Jeff Lacina and Dell Hughes [and Jonathan Blevins], a couple of guys who have probably forgotten more about high-performance driving than some of us will ever learn. Track Guys, like any quality high performance school, rents time at a track, splits that time into run groups and then sells spots to enthusiasts. Track Guys also specializes in instruction and as such, fosters a sense of community within the paddock. If you’ve ever wanted to be on track, you want to do it with a group like this.”

Justin Cesler
GM High-Tech Performance


Kenny and I want to thank you for the great effort you put into our 25th Anniversary Celebration track event at Putnam Park.  We contracted Track Guys because did not want to be concerned about the track portion of the event.  Track Guys performed flawlessly.  All weekend, you were very accommodating to us and to our clientele.  The event ran very smoothly and seamlessly within our event. We thank you for the extra effort and personality you added to our special event.

With great appreciation,
Cari J. Southworth
Director of Marketing
Kenny Brown Performance



It was great meeting you and all the Track Guys. It was an extremely well run event, safe and filled with opportunities for all to stretch there levels of skill. I know I did and I really enjoyed having my Shelby on the track for the first time.

I want to thank you for your personal efforts to make the briefings so clear and meaningful. I know how important those briefs are and it was great to have such a great group of drivers that not only challenged me but always kept safety in the forefront of their minds. That was due to your great briefings.

Best Regards,

Bart Roberts (student)



Thanks for the work and the fun this weekend. I truly enjoyed spending the weekend with you guys.

To date I have never had as many drivers come to grid before leaving to say thanks for a well-run event….and I was just a worker bee!  Speaks well of Track Guys.

Well done; please keep me in mind when you have events in the future.

Jeff Yanko (Track Control)


Dear Jeff,

Great event this weekend. It was only my second time on any track. First was also TWS going clockwise with the Viper Racing League last May. You guys did a great job considering Dell’s absence make you pull double duty a lot. Kudos to all involved.

Don Breech (student)
Victoria, TX



Very Sorry to hear of your dad’s passing.  I was a first timer this
weekend at TWS and will say that this event is the most fun I’ve ever
had in a car (while driving!). Your organization and the TWS staff put
on a fantastic event and I am so glad I heard about it and took
advantage of participating.  Jef was pretty emotional when he announced
you were at the funeral service for your dad Saturday morning, but he is a true
professional and ran truly remarkable event. 

Since you were my initial contact for this event I just wanted to tell
you how successful it was and how excited I am to have been introduced
to ‘perform driving’.  David Mizler,  from Houston, was my
instructor – he was extremely helpful and very gracious toward my
inexperience.  I just can’t say enough good things about this weekend,
so I leave it there.  I don’t know you, but you have my thanks and
prayers for your family.


Bill Foxenberg (student)


I just wanted to drop you a line, and say thank you, and that it was nice to meet you in person.

Out of all the experiences of traveling DE’s, I really thought you had so much more to offer in technical classroom instruction than the others.

Despite your friend Dell not being there and the loss of his father, you, your team, and TWS made for an educational, and great time had by all that I could tell… I heard nothing negative in the garages, and both my students, DeWayne, and Daryl came away feeling as though they got more than their monies worth.

In short, I was very honored to be apart of your team to assist, I hope you’ll allow me the opportunity again in the future.

Jeff Harris (Instructor)

P.S. Thank you for driving like an absolute idiot in front of DeWayne (Blue Shelby Terlingua), to try and break his concentration, and fall off line, that was exactly what he needed!!!

Thanks Again!


8 Responses to Testimonials

  1. mark zweig says:

    I m going to register for sebring and looking forward to any of your events I can get to. thanx, Mark I m a member of N.A.S.A. and run w/ hooked on driving.

  2. stanger58 says:

    Awesome Mark! Thank you… looking forward to seeing you at Sebring!

  3. Rich Merritt says:

    I’ve had two epiphanies in my driving education. That is, when an instructor points out something that makes a tremendous difference in lap tiimes, and/or corrects something I was doing wrong. First was early on, when I learned how to turn in. The next was at a Track Guys event, where Jeff’s instructor kept telling me, “Faster! It will stick! Trust me!” And, by golly, it did. I picked up 2-3 seconds a lap because of that.

    To this day, even after 15 years of track events, I still seek advice. You are never too old to learn. And, no matter how fast you are, there’s always somebody faster–even in YOUR car!.

  4. Sam Fallin says:

    To Jeff, Dell, and all the Track Guys,

    THANKS A BUNCH!! I had a total blast at Sebring and certainly got flooded with a ton of great information! For whatever reason, though I was a beginner, I got placed in Group 2, but thanks to my instructor, “Big Ed”, I came through unscathed! I hope to join you again in the future – this stuff is addicting!


  5. JUNIOR says:

    I own a 2011 Roush 5XR. I’ve been really thinking about trying this driving school. For many reason’s . I never has done anything like this before. I really don’t know were to start or what to do? I want to learn how to better my driving. Can some one help me out?
    Thank You

  6. Dan Gimmy says:


    The Sebring 2011 event was my first time on a track.

    For me, it was great. The effort and support provided by you, Dell, George (my instructor) and the rest of your team were outstanding.

    As a newbie, I came to this event not really knowing what to expect. I came away from it with a terrific first time track experience.

    My thanks to you, Del,l George, George’s brother Dave (with the hot Pantera), (my car is anything but hot) for a wonderful time.

    Best regards,

    Dan G.

  7. stanger58 says:

    The best place to start is with a driving school where you will be driving YOUR car at a pace you and your instructor are comfortable with. For your first couple of driving schools, you really don’t need to make any major modifications to your car – it already has PLENTY of power and most people can’t drive a base Mustang to it’s full potential, let alone a Roush 5XR! Just make sure you have good brake pads, fresh brake fluid, good rotors and an SA-05 or SA-10 helmet and sign up for one of our driving schools.

    You’ll be placed in a run group with drivers of similar experience – you’ll quickly find out that the car isn’t as important as the driver. You’ll get a chance to ride with the instructor to see the track before driving it yourself. You’ll also have numerous educational (but fun) classroom sessions and your own in-car instructor to help you get around the track.

    If you haven’t already seen the article in Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords about our Track Guys programs, check it out here. This will give you a very good idea as to what our events are all about.

    See you on track!

    Jeff Lacina
    Track Guys

  8. Ron Reding says:

    THANKS Jeff for your tutelage at Gingerman Raceway on August 14th. I learned a great deal about driving and “unlearned” some bad habits! Your attitude and love of the sport is contagious… I will be at more events in future. In the car, my instructor Norbert helped me a great deal. NICE work!

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