Drivers Wanted: MRT Hot Lap Challenge, Sunday, March 29 at Texas World Speedway

MRT Hot Lap Challenge is a time-trial event open to Intermediate, Advanced and Instructors at the Track Guys Final Roundup at Texas World Speedway on Sunday, MRT_Hot_Lap_ChallengeMarch 29. The MRT Hot Lap Challenge will be run within the regularly scheduled Intermediate and Advanced run groups. It is up to each driver to navigate on-track traffic in a safe fashion while driving to collect their fastest laps. Drivers are allowed to return to pit road during the session in an effort to relocate themselves within the group of cars already on the track.
Electronic transponders are REQUIRED to run in the MRT Hot Lap Challenge. We will have a limited number of them available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis and will be $30 for the entire weekend. If you want to rent on, please email [email protected] and say “Please add a transponder rental to my order”. Dell will then add it to your order and you can pay for it in your registration at

MRT Hot Lap Challenge Classes
These classes are designed to provide specific guidelines for those choosing to compete. You know your car and the modifications (or lack thereof) and will be asked to disclose all information about your car during the mandatory Tech Inspection. Final classification will be SOLELY up the the judgment of the Chief of Tech and his inspection crew.

Stock Class
Cars with no or few performance modifications racing on street tires. (Exception – 2012/13 Boss LS Pzero Corsa & 13/14 GT500 Goodyear Eagle F1 G:2 acceptable for stock class)

MRT_HLC_1st_ModifiedModified Class
Cars with moderate performance modifications competing on R-compound tires still driven regularly on the street. Continental “take-off” slicks from Grand Am cars. Cars with aftermarket power-adders may be moved to the next higher class (at the discretion of the Chief of Tech and his team).

Race Class
Cars with significant performance modifications and that are primarily designed for track driving or all-out race-type vehicles. This category also includes any cars racing on sticker slicks.  As with NASA, Conti takeoff slicks from Grand Am would be exempted in the Modified class.

MRT Hot Lap Challenge Rules TWS_TG_track_map
1) Only 50 MRT Hot Lap Challenge slots are available. If you want to secure your slot before the event, please email [email protected] ASAP.
2) All competitors will be required to run an MRT Windshield banner (provided with your entry fee.)
3) You MUST have an electronic transponder. You can run your own (bring your transponder number to registration) or rent one at the event.
4) Timed sessions will be conducted on Sunday with all competitors required to run a properly mounted transponder for electronic timing. (a limited number of rental transponders will be available)
5) During the timed sessions, ALL PASSING RULES will be in place and enforced by the track marshals/corner worker stations. Additional procedures will be discussed at the driver’s meeting and MUST be adhered to during the MRT Hot Lap Challenge.
6) Failure to follow the rules will result in a BLACK FLAG for the offending driver(s) with the lap times recorded during the infraction NOT being counted.
7) Awards will be distributed at 4 PM, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place being awarded in Stock, Modified and Race classes.
8) And please, no wagering.

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