In-car Instructor’s Point-of-View

Our Track Guys instructors are a sick bunch of lap-happy performance driving junkies. How else can explain it? An instructor is a person who is willing to take time off from their work, spend a weekend away from their family and loved ones, drive 100 to 400 miles one way just to GET to one of our Track Guys events and then WILLINGLY get into the passenger seat of a high-performance car being driven by a complete rookie or novice driver!

Why do we do it?
Because we LOVE it, that’s why. We love sharing our experiences, knowledge and passion for performance driving with anyone who will listen – especially our students. And, if that student happens to be a person who has never driven their car on a race track, that’s even better.

As an in-car instructor, we have no steering wheel. No brake pedal. No throttle pedal. All we really have is our passion and desire to share our experience with the student driver sitting beside us. We want our students to succeed. We want our students to understand the basic principals of performance driving and the physics of driving their car at-speed on a race track.

Check out this “instructor point-of-view” video from the Mustang Club of Central Iowa event at Mid America Motorplex. The camera is attached to side Track Guys owner and lead instructor, Jeff Lacina’s helmet. Enjoy the ride!

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