In-car Instructor’s Point-of-View

Our Track Guys instructors are a sick bunch of lap-happy performance driving junkies. How else can explain it? An instructor is a person who is willing to take time off from their work, spend a weekend away from their family and loved ones, drive 100 to 400 miles one way just to GET to one of our Track Guys events and then WILLINGLY get into the passenger seat of a high-performance car being driven by a complete rookie or novice driver!

Why do we do it?
Because we LOVE it, that’s why. We love sharing our experiences, knowledge and passion for performance driving with anyone who will listen – especially our students. And, if that student happens to be a person who has never driven their car on a race track, that’s even better.

As an in-car instructor, we have no steering wheel. No brake pedal. No throttle pedal. All we really have is our passion and desire to share our experience with the student driver sitting beside us. We want our students to succeed. We want our students to understand the basic principals of performance driving and the physics of driving their car at-speed on a race track.

Check out this “instructor point-of-view” video from the Mustang Club of Central Iowa event at Mid America Motorplex. The camera is attached to side Track Guys owner and lead instructor, Jeff Lacina’s helmet. Enjoy the ride!

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Track Guys at the 39th Annual Mid-America Ford and Shelby Nationals

Numerous Track Guys instructors and students were in attendance at the 39th Annual Mid-America Ford and Shelby Nationals held in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Of course, being Track Guys, we spend a VAST majority of our time at the wonderful Hallett Motor Racing Circuit. On Wednesday, we instructed at the Ford Racing Driving School with Jonathan Blevins, Dell Hughes and Jeff Lacina riding numerous sessions with the students.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we got to kick back and enjoy driving our own cars at Hallett. Of course, we were joined by even more Track Guys instructors, including Chad Lamb, Scott Hubbard, John George, Shelby Hadden-Tracy, Bart Roberts and others.

On Friday, MRT hosts a “Late Model Exhibition” event that fielded 19 late model Mustangs for a 12-lap “demonstration” of close-quarters performance driving on Hallett’s challenging 1.9-mile track. Go along for a ride with Track Guys owner / lead instructor, Jeff Lacina and his VMP Supercharged 2011 Mustang GT during this exhibition event. And yes, it was June 14th – Flag Day. That’s why Jeff is waving ol’ glory during the formation and cool-down laps.

B-Pillar Camera

Driver’s Helmet Camera

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Important: 2013 Sebring Event Information

With our 11th annual Sebring event just a week away, we’ve put together a “Sebring survival guide” of sorts. PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK, Download and READ this document and bring the waivers with you to registration at Sebring.

This Track Guys Sebring Survival guide includes important information about our event and the FORMS you will need to turn in at registration.

NEW LOCATION for registration: Please note – for 2013, we will be doing pre-event registration INSIDE the track at the EAST end of the Gallery of Legends building on the very west end of the paddock area. You MUST stop at registration before unloading your car or moving into you garage or paddock area.

Also note: Sebing has some new rules regarding spectator, crew and family viewing areas. There are also some new regulations regarding the ages of minors and where they are allowed to watch the vent from.

Thank you… safe travels and see you at Sebring International Raceway!

Jeff LacinaOwner / Lead Instructor
Track Guys Performance Driving Events

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Limited Time Offer: 11% Discount for May 24-26 Sebring Event – Sign up BEFORE May 16 to Save on Your Sebring Fun!

To celebrate our 11th year at Sebring International Raceway, we offering an 11% discount. But don’t delay – this discount code EXPIRES May 15.

VMP_Tuning_logoVMP Superchargers & Tuning are joining us at Sebring, conducting at-event supercharger upgrades, tuning and their always-popular dyno pulls. Because of how popular this activity is, PLEASE call the team at VMP to schedule your appointment pronto! 321-206-9369 The dyno will be set up starting Friday afternoon.

Once again, the fine folks at Steeda Autosports will be joining us as sponsors for our annual Steeda_logoSebring Sensation. Team Steeda will be there in force with some great cars and the opportunity to visit with them about taking your Mustang or Ford product to the next level of street and track performance. And yes, they will have some goodies for our always-popular Saturday night raffle. And there’s ALWAYS time to get some Steeda components on your car prior to the event – give them a call at 800-950-0774 to get your parts ordered or at-show work scheduled.

lrs_logo_2012The gang at Late Model Restoration KNOW where the track party is at Memorial Day Weekend… Track Guys at Sebring! LMR is kicking in some goodies and gift certificates for Saturday night’s raffle as well. Thanks LMR – you guys rock!


TMS Autosports Car Show
TMS_Sebring_Car_Show_flyerDon’t want to participate in the driving school or the Track Guys Test Drive? Well, there’s STILL stuff to do at Sebring. Our friends at TMS Autosports are hosting an all-makes car show on Saturday and Sunday during the event. Best of all, everyone who enters the car show can join us on track during the Lunch Break parade laps. Give the guys at TMS Autosports a call if you want more information, 1-888-TOTAL20.

Mustang Club of America – Free Lunch for All Drivers!
MCA_logoThe Mustang Club of America (MCA) will be at the event and providing lunch for all PAID participants on Saturday! That’s right – your Saturday lunch will be courtesy of the Mustang Club of America. MCA reps will be on hand (and participating) and can answer any questions you may have about the LARGEST international Mustang organization on the planet. Thanks again to the MCA for supporting our Track Guys events in 2013.


Register for the 11th Annual Sebring Sensation online here: and enter the code, Sebring2013 to get the discount.




See you at Sebring in May!

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Track Guys Selected for Viper Rendezvous IV

Track Guys Performance Driving Events has been selected to provide the classroom and in-car instruction and event services for the Viper Rendezvous IV in early June 2013 at Motorsports Park Hastings, Hastings, NE. NOTE: This event is for Vipers only.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to bring our Track Guys program to Motorsports Park Hastings as part of the fourth annual Viper Rendezvous,” says Jeff Lacina, Track Guys owner and lead instructor. “We’ve always had a loyal following of Viper owners at our other events, so to be asked to help put on a Viper-only event is an honor and we are really looking forward to the weekend at Hastings.”

If you are interested in registering for this event, follow this link. Note: the discounted early registration fee of $379 is available until midnight April 15, after that, registration is $399.
Viper_Rendezvous_IVCheck out the event promo video below…

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Don’t Delay – Sign up Today

Registration is open for TWO of our traditional events. This will be our 10th year at the fast and fun Texas World Speedway and our 11th consecutive year running at the historic Sebring International Raceway. Click on the images below to take you to the online registration page.



Don’t forget: we have updated our helmet requirements for our 2013 events. You’ll need an SA05 or SA10 rated helmet. Time to retire the SA00 helmet…and don’t even THINK about using an M-rated or DOT only helmet. We have a VERY limited number of loaner helmets – thus, it would REALLY be to your advantage to get your own helmet…just sayin’.

One of these two decals that MUST be inside your helmet. And yes, our Tech Inspection team checks each and every helmet.



If you need help finding new SA10 helmet, drop Jeff an email at


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Nitto Previews NT90W Winter Tire

Check out Nitto’s new NT90W Winter Tire.
Nitto Previews NT90W Winter Tire

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Track Guys’ Sebring event featured GMHTP and MM&FF

Track Guys’ annual Sebring event has long been a favorite for both our students and our instructors. In the last few years, we’ve also been picking up support (and participation) from a couple of enthusiast magazines that rank at the top of their respective target audiences: Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords and GM High Tech Performance.

Both magazines have run features on our high-value / high-fun Sebring event in the past, but recaps of the 2012 Kenny Brown Performance Driving School by Track Guys is showcased in the January 2013 issues of both these magazines. Talk about timing… and better yet, you can also read the articles and see the photos on the respective magazines’ websites! (click on each cover image to read the stories online)


If you don’t subscribe to either of these two magazines, you should. Editor Evan Smith (MM&FF) and Associate Editor Justin Cesler (GM High Tech)  do a great job – both on the track and with their respective magazines… and they’re a lot of fun to hang out with too.

Thanks for your efforts guys, and those of your teams back at the office. Keep up the great work and we hope to have you join us at Sebring International Raceway again this year. (May 25 & 26)

Happy Birthday MM&FF!
In case you didn’t know: Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords is celebrating 25 years of covering all things Ford. And, as witness by their numerous driving event articles and even my teaming with Editor, Evan Smith in the 2012 Tire Rack One Lap of America, the magazine recognizes the importance of wheels, tires, brakes, handling and learning how to drive and presenting these facts to their readers in a accurate, entertaining and respected publication. Kudos to the entire team at MM&FF and your commitment to the industry.

On a personal note, I’ve been writing off and on for them since 1989. Over the years, I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to share my tech articles, car features, new vehicle introductions, SEMA Show coverage and of course, writing about performance driving. My writing has also afforded me the opportunity to meet some great people within the OE automotive and aftermarket industries.

It was Jim Campisano, during his time as Editor, who asked me if I was interested in writing the monthly “Contact Patch” column for the magazine. And get this, he asked me while we were both sitting on the pit road wall at Sebring after one of our SVTOA / Track Guys events back in 2005. Thank you, Jim for having the confidence in me and for providing me the opportunity and freedom to express my opinions and insights via that column – I really enjoyed it and didn’t receive too many death threats.

I guess that isn’t too shabby for a central Iowa farm boy with a degree in Journalism and an passion for driving, teaching, writing and sharing that passion with MM&FF readers and the rest of the industry.

My One and Only Cover
And yes, I have even had one of my photos grace the cover of MM&FF. Check out this cover from the January 1998 issue – that’s my buddy, Mike Fager and his wide-body ’81 Mustang. We had a lot of fun taking photos and writing about that car back in the day… but not as much fun as chasing each other around Brainerd, Road America, Heartland Park…



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Track Guys’ 2013 Event Schedule: Barber CANCELED – TWS Registration is OPEN

IMPORTANT: Track Guys at Barber CANCELED

Thank you for your interest in the Feb 16 & 17 Track Guys event at Barber Motorsports Park. Unfortunately, due to lower-than-expected pre-event registrations, we have been forced to cancel this event.

We were very much looking forward to having you join us for our unique brand for performance driver education, however, we simply didn’t have enough participants signed up to make this event feasible. Barber is a world-class facility and as such, does not come inexpensively. We are hoping to get on their schedule for a future date (most likely 2014) and will keep you updated.

Registration Fee:
If your credit card had been charged for this event, you will be receiving a full refund. (If you signed up later, most likely your card hadn’t been charged… ) Please remember to cancel any hotel/motel reservations you may have made.

We are sincerely sorry to have to cancel this event and hope you will join us at a future Track Guys event. Registration is open for our April 6 & 7 event at Texas World Speedway in College Station, TX and we will be getting our May Sebring event opened up sometime in late February or early March.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Dell Hughes at our email addresses listed below.

Jeff Lacina
Owner / Lead Instructor

Dell Hughes
Business Manager / Event Registrar


April 6 & 7 Texas World Speedway – REGISTRATION IS OPEN:
2013 will be our 10th consecutive year at this incredibly fast and fun 2.9-mile “roavl” (road course that uses part of the oval track) at Texas World Speedeway. Registration is open here: Track Guys

These dates have been “locked in” with the various tracks, so start planning your driving schedule accordingly. We will update this page (and our Facebook pages) once the online registration has been opened.

Note: the April 5-6 event at Texas World Speedway will be our 10th consecutive year at this great track and it is not, we repeat, NOT “Parent’s Weekend” at Texas A&M in College Station, so hotels should be more accessible and reasonable. We’ve also heard rumors of an Texas A&M Sports Car Club reunion possibly being organized to coincide with our event, so you just never know who may show up to drive with us.

Even more events?
Consider this fair warning, we are also looking to add some events for the Mustang Club of America and will most likely be expanding this schedule to other tracks and other parts of the country. Stay tuned…

We want to infect you and your friends…
As I tell our lap-happy instructors, “Performance driving is sickness – and we are the Type A carriers!”

Being truly sick Track Dawgs (woof!), we’re always looking to add events to our program. If you belong to a club or know of a club that is ready to take one of their events “to the next level” by hosting or sponsoring an high-value, high-fun, highly infectious on-track driver’s school, there are some great race tracks around the country that we would be a great addition to our schedule of “learnin’ and turnin'” Track Guys style.

It’s NEVER too early to start planning an event for your club, group or company. Give us a call or drop me an email – our helmet bags are always packed and ready to go.

See you on track in 2013!

Jeff Lacina

Owner / Lead Instructor
Track Guys Performance Driving Events
2012 Tire Rack One Lap of America SSGT2 Class Champion

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Updated helmet requirments for 2013 events

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