Event Insurance For Your Track Car

Our Track Guys events meet the required by Lockton Affinity – one of the top motorsports insurance carriers in the industry. If your current vehicle insurance carrier does not provide coverage for “driving education” events, you can now purchase insurance coverage for the car you will be driving at our events.

Lockton_Motorsports_InsuranceChoose the plan that works best for you

Single-Event Policy — for enthusiasts that participate in 5 events or less each year, this affordable option lets you buy an individual policy for each event you attend.

Multi-Event Policy — enthusiasts that participate in 6 or more events per year can customize a policy to meet their needs. 4 policy options (6 events, 9 events, 12 events, or 15 events) provide the perfect solution for nearly any avid HPDE enthusiast. The policy expires when all events have been used or at the end of the policy term, whichever comes first. Customers can manage their covered events 24/7 using our easy online system.

Limited Exclusions — unlike other plans, we will cover you for structured HPDE events.

No Appraisal Required — you know how much your vehicle is worth, so we let you determine the value and save you the expense of an appraisal.

Coverage for Vehicle Modifications — you can choose to list and insure the modifications you’ve made to your vehicle.

Automatic Extension for HPDE Instructors — the policy follows your vehicle and is automatically extended when your HPDE Instructor is driving it. Add a 2nd driver for no additional charge.

Small Deductible — when you do have a claim, only a small 10% ($2,000 min./$5,000 max.) deductible applies.

Primary coverage — the policy never reports incidents protecting your rates and driving record on the street.

Easy to acquire — get your policy online quickly through our partnership with HPDE Insurance Program offered by Lockton Affinity.

Experienced, Secure Carrier — coverage issued through financially secure insurance carrier specializing in property coverage, rated “Excellent” or higher by A.M. Best.

For more information, visit Lockton Affinity’s website here or our Track Guys Event Insurance page here.

2 Responses to Event Insurance For Your Track Car

  1. danny hitson says:

    Do I need any other insurance I don’t drive the car on the road I just finished it

  2. dellcobra says:

    No you do not need insurance. This is only for those who would like to have coverage for their car while driving on track.

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