Track Guys + Team Shelby = Safe, Fun & Educational Events

We are very pleased to be working with Team Shelby and their Regional Directors in putting on performance driving events all over the US!

After helping to officially “launch” Team Shelby by conducting the driving events at the very first Las Vegas Shelby Birthday Bash back in 2008, we’ve been looking forward to getting Team Shelby and all their members “back on track” in a fun, safe, and (mostly) controlled learning environment.

For Team Shelby members reading this, we accept event registrations for our events at this web site:, so you might as well go visit this site and set up a membership so you can sign up for the events as SOON as we get registration open for them.

Again, welcome Team Shelby members and we look forward to seeing you on track!

Jeff Lacina
Lead Instructor
Track Guys Performance Driving Events
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2 Responses to Track Guys + Team Shelby = Safe, Fun & Educational Events

  1. Phil says:

    I’ve been to a couple of your events at Sebring, 2006 and 2007, if I remember right. Trying to get a handle on the rules these days. Under what circumstances are riders allowed. When we were there last, I think, instructors would take a rider if asked. Also ride a longs were given from the Steeda guys I think. Are intermediate level drivers allowed a passenger? Also, can you just do one of the two days?

  2. stanger58 says:

    Hi Phil,
    Because our events are driving schools, instructors (and our qualified event sponsors) are the only ones allowed to take passengers with them during an at-speed sessions. However, they must have the same safety equipment that the drivers too (long sleeve shirt, long pants, closed-toe shoes). If you have a friend come with you, I’m sure we can find them an at-speed ride with one of our instructors.

    See you at Sebring!

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