Track Guys at the 39th Annual Mid-America Ford and Shelby Nationals

Numerous Track Guys instructors and students were in attendance at the 39th Annual Mid-America Ford and Shelby Nationals held in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Of course, being Track Guys, we spend a VAST majority of our time at the wonderful Hallett Motor Racing Circuit. On Wednesday, we instructed at the Ford Racing Driving School with Jonathan Blevins, Dell Hughes and Jeff Lacina riding numerous sessions with the students.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we got to kick back and enjoy driving our own cars at Hallett. Of course, we were joined by even more Track Guys instructors, including Chad Lamb, Scott Hubbard, John George, Shelby Hadden-Tracy, Bart Roberts and others.

On Friday, MRT hosts a “Late Model Exhibition” event that fielded 19 late model Mustangs for a 12-lap “demonstration” of close-quarters performance driving on Hallett’s challenging 1.9-mile track. Go along for a ride with Track Guys owner / lead instructor, Jeff Lacina and his VMP Supercharged 2011 Mustang GT during this exhibition event. And yes, it was June 14th – Flag Day. That’s why Jeff is waving ol’ glory during the formation and cool-down laps.

B-Pillar Camera

Driver’s Helmet Camera

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