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Welcome to the Track Guys blog!

We will be using the blog to keep everyone up to speed with the latest news and happenings in the Track Guys world. Feel free to leave comments and or suggestions as to how we can make this a valuable tool for all our Track Guys students, instructors and fans.

And away we go!

See you on track!

Jeff Lacina
Track Guys Guy

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4 Responses to Greetings!

  1. Rich Merritt says:

    The new track season approacheth, and I expect that I will be doing some instructing. I’ve instructed officially at 3000GT gatherings, and unofficially at track days, but I am not a trained instructor. Therefore, I tend to stick with rank novices on their first track day, where I seem to do OK. Haven’t lost one yet. Just thought I’d ask you track guys instructors for some advice.
    1. On the first day, I stick to the basics: brake in a straight line, don’t downshift or upshift in the corner, no heel and toe, no trail braking, bang the brakes hard (get on, get off), and learn the lines. My goal is to get them through the day without using up their brakes or tires. As the day wears on, I point out better lines and correct any mistakes. Typically, I can cut their lap times by 10 seconds or more on the first day just by smoothing everything out, and having them carry more speed into the corners. But I don’t teach them “tricks of the trade,” such as straightlining corners, hopping over gators. full power on at corner entry, and so on. Is this a reasonable goal? Or do you guys try to accomplish more?
    2. Here’s where I really differ from the “schools”–I want my students to get track time without worrying about me in the next seat. So, after a couple of sessions, I turn them loose with specific instructions on what to work on. Then, I get back in the car later in the day, and see how they are doing. Is this a bad thing?
    3. I’ve only had one uncooperative student–he insisted on keeping one hand on the shifter and using the lowest gears possible so he could get the car sideways under power coming out of corners. No matter what I said or did, he wouldn’t stop. What do you do with a student like that? Make him pull into the pits? Threaten to kick him out of the school? What options do I have?
    3. I am in trouble when I get an advanced student. Although I’ve raced in NASA, I can’t explain how I do certain things, and I can’t really tell what an advanced student is doing wrong. Do you get that knowledge from instructor training? I try to avoid advanced students, and just do a “ride along” where I offer comments.

  2. Hey Jeff,
    I met you in Vegas last week at the Shelby Vegas Bash. I was riding in the 65 Hertz you walked off and left while driving George’s 5.0. At vegas, I was driving the black hardtop V6 2011 (rental).
    I see you are hosting a school in March and I’m very interested in attending. I drive a somewhat prepped 65 Ford Falcon (White with Red stripe) that you may have seen at Mid America or at The Texas Shelby 350. By having another instructor (John Atwell of CVAR) ride with me and drive my car, I realized I have more car than driver at the moment. I want more instruction on the physics of it you were discussing to become smoother which will lead to being faster, etc. Please let me know what it takes to get into the class.
    Bryce Langley

  3. stanger58 says:

    Hi Bryce,
    Great meeting you at Vegas… Registration for the Track Guys / 5.0 Resto / Team Shelby event is now OPEN at

    Looking forward to seeing you at TWS!


  4. Rudy says:

    Hey Jeff,
    I have been unable to contact you thru normal email, and I have just one question about the wonderful event at TWS. Are the photos from saturday going to be posted?Thanks!

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