Hastings Horse Power

Saturday noon group picture from the 9th Annual Mustang Roundup. Yes, that is a 2020 Shelby GT500 in the front left – and yes, the 1969 Shelby GT350 was indeed running on track!
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It was a GOOD day at Motorsports Park Hastings with these two making laps.

Left: 2017 Ford GT Heritage Edition, Right: 2020 Shelby GT500
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From the 2019 Mustang Roundup at Motorsports Park Hastings (Hastings, NE)

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Registration CLOSED: Special, One-Day Event at the New Heartland Park Topeka, Saturday, April 15

** April 8 UPDATE **
If you are registered and have received your confirmation email from Motorsportreg.com, you can download your Track Guys Heartland Park Topeka Info Packet – Click HERE to download.

NOTE: Due to high level of interest in this event, we have SHUT OFF registration for Beginner and Novice level drivers. If you are an experienced track driver, you can still register.

This just in – Track Guys will be conducting a special, one-day performance driving school at the completely repaved, 2.5-mile, 14-turn road course at the New Heartland Park Topeka. The event date is Saturday, April 15 and because it’s a one-day program, there are a limited number of spots available.

Located on the south edge of Topeka, KS, Heartland Park holds a special place for Track Guys founder, owner and lead instructor, Jeff Lacina. It was at this track back in 1995 that Jeff started his “in-car instructing career” that eventually lead to the creation of Track Guys in 2002.

As with all Track Guys events, this event is open to all makes of cars and drivers of all (or none) experience. We run a four run-group format: Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced, so you’re always on track with drivers of similar levels of experience as you – even if you’ve NEVER done this before. Trust us: you won’t be alone!

Registration is NOW OPEN 
Click here or on the graphic to take you to the online registration page where it contains pretty much everything you need to know to get you on track with us.

You, your car and our instructors are looking forward to helping you get your performance driving careers started off on the right foot (and your left one, too).

If you’ve never run with Track Guys before, please click on the “About Us” menu up top and be sure to check out our “Rules and Regulations” in the Event & Registrations Form page.

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Registration OPEN for our “3rd Annual Final Roundup” at Texas World Speedway, March 24-26, 2017

TWS_TG_track_mapIf they’re open – we’re running! Yes, this is our 3rd Annual Final Roundup at the fast and fun Texas World Speedway road course. For 2017 we’re once again running a three-day program. Friday is for “solo-qualified” Intermediate and Advanced level drivers as well as our Track Guys Instructors. Saturday and Sunday adds the Beginner and Novice level drivers to the event for two more days of turnin’ and learnin’ all the ins and outs of performance driving from our hard-working Track Guys staff.

This event is open to ALL MAKES of cars – not just ones wearing the Ford blue oval. Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Audi, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Tesla, Viper, Jaguar, Bugatti, Maserati, McLaren, Lamborghini, Koeningsegg, Pagani, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Cadillac, Infinity, Mazda, Lincoln, Lexus, Lotus, Hyundai, Kia, Opal, Mercury, Oldsmobile, Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Datsun, Nissan, VW, Saturn, Suzuki, Nobel, Holden, Vauxhall, Volvo, Fiat, AMC, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Zagato, Zenvo, MG, TVR, Triumph, Cooper, Pontiac, Plymouth, Studebaker, Tucker, Rambler, Renault, Saab, Citroen, Tribant, Crosley, kit cars – heck, if it’s safe, has four wheels and passes our tech inspection, we’ll get you on track! Sorry, no SUVs, 4×4 trucks, open-wheel or Hupmobiles though.

Go here to register online or click the graphic below.





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You still have time to register for our Track Guys Camp Steeda event at Sebring International Raceway

Sebring_graphic_FUNWe still have open driver slots for our May 28-29 event at the World Famous Sebring International Raceway. On-track or in the paddock, this is a GREAT time! Never done this before? Don’t worry about that – we’ve got the program and the instructors to get you up to speed FAST! Register online here: http://www.trackguys.motorsportreg.com

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Join us at Motorsports Park Hastings on April 16

Join us for a one-day performance driving school at the fun and challenging Motorsports Park Hastings (Hastings, Nebraska) track. The track is doing their own registration – but Track Guys will be there providing the classroom and in-car instruction.
April 16 Event_FlyerGo here for more information and to register for this fun and lots-of-seat-time event. See you at Hastings!

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Sebring Registration is now OPEN!

Sebring_EVENT_graphic2Please join us for 2+ days of Track Guys Camp Steeda fun at the historic Sebring International Raceway, May 28 & 29. The 3.7-mile track is the very same one used by the historic 12 Hours of Sebring international sports car race and is know world-wide as a challenge for both car and driver.

You can register online by following this link or visiting www.trackguys.motorsportreg.com

This event has grown into the premier Ford, Mustang and Shelby driving event in the southeast, drawing drivers and instructors from as far away as Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Michigan, California and even Ontario, Canada, eh!

TG_Sebring_mapOn track, we have our full program of driving education, including 1-day or 2-day schools. Or, if you just want to give our program a try, you can register for our Track Guys Test Drive Program. This gets you the Driver’s meeting, orientation laps, first classroom session and finally, one on-track, at-speed session with your own personal in-car instructor helping you navigate the track.Track_Guys_Motorsport_Reg

You can register online by following this link or visiting www.trackguys.motorsportreg.com

If you don’t want to drive on track, the Team Shelby Southeastern Region is organizing a cruise-in car show on Saturday, which also includes lunch break parade laps on the track and the opportunity to ride one one of our experienced Track Guys Instructors.

steeda-logoOnce again, Steeda Autosports has signed on as a valued sponsor and promoter for our annual pilgrimage to Sebring International Raceway. Be sure to visit their website or check out their display of great cars and go-faster parts at the event.

Track Guys Camp Steeda on Facebook
Keep up to speed with all the latest event news and information by visiting our Facebook “Event Page” by here or click on the image below.
2016_FB_Sebring_event_page (2)


See you on track at Sebring!

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NO MORE SA2005-rated helmets at our events!

The safety of our students, solo drivers and instructors is of utmost importance. With 2015 in the rear view mirror, now is a great time to review helmet requirements for 2016 and beyond.

For our 2017 Track Guys events:

SA2005 helmets will NO LONGER be allowed. These helmets will NOT be allowed at ANY 2017 event.


SA2010 helmets will be allowed at Track Guys events through the 2020 season.

sa2015decalSA2015 helmets will be allowed at Track Guys events through the 2026 season.
We encourage all performance driving students, solo drivers and instructors to exercise great care in taking care of your helmets. Keep them clean, make sure they dry out properly after a sweaty weekend at the track and if your helmet is ever dropped hard, makes impact with anything inside the car or is damaged in any way, REPLACE IT! Your safety simply isn’t worth the risk of running a potentially “damaged” helmet.

Time for an upgrade?

If you are need or want to make an helmet upgrade, the SA2015 helmets started hitting proair-carbon-db-touringdealer/distributor inventory in the middle of 2015, so they are out there. And as you can see from above, a properly maintained SA2015 helmet will provide you with YEARS of dependable service and protection.

However, be advised: some dealers/distributors still have SA2010 helmets and are selling them at significantly reduced prices. Keep in mind, these helmets are already one SA-rating “behind” and will only be good through the 2020 season.

And for the love of all things holy, PLEASE SA2010_helmetmake sure you are purchasing an SA-rated helmet. Take some time and look inside the helmet for the orange decal. You may have to pull back the lining a bit to find it, but if it’s truly an SA-rated helmet, the label should be there. And as always, DOT, M- or Snell DOT-rated helmets are NOT acceptable at any Track Guys event. Period.

Contact our friends at Chicane23 for all your helmet and safety equipment needs.

If you want to learn more about the Snell Foundation and specifically the 2015 Standards, visit this page on the Snell Foundation website.

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Texas World Speedway Registration is OPEN!

TWS_Final_Roundup2Registration for our “2nd Annual Final Roundup” at Texas World Speedway is now OPEN! Follow this link or click on the image above. The 2016 event is once again a three-day event, March 11-13, with Friday being open to solo-qualified track drivers and instructors. Saturday and Sunday will be our full program with plenty of seat time for all run groups: Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced level drivers on the 2.9-mile TWS road course.

WARNING: Do NOT wait too long before signing up for this event as it has sold out in the past. And remember, Track Guys events are open to ALL makes of cars.

2016 Event Sponsors
The gang at Late Model Restoration will be one of the primary sponsors for our 2016 event, along with Chicane23 and VMP Performance.
NEW_Late-Model-RestorationChicane23_logoVMP_Performance_logoAs they’ve done the past couple of years, the Mustang Club of America is sponsoring Saturday’s lunch for ALL registered drivers (students and instructors) and will have national representatives at the event to answer any questions you may have about the MCA.

Check back for more event updates as they become available and we sincerely hope you can join us at TWS in March!

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